Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm Back to Painting!

Despite for not updating the blog for some months now, I've actually been pretty alive and kicking. Mostly over at my deviantART account~

So what happened to yours truly after the previous update about Faery Jam? I got in new freelance works and flash game projects, and with my free time I worked hard at improving the overall quality of my art. To let the pictures speak from themselves, I'll post them from the order of latest creation to the older ones:

My personal milestone for painting and rendering solid objects. I've always wanted to at least achieve something akin to some of those better Japanese artists over at, and so yeah. :D

I made this for a simple community contest over at deviantART. This was a return to painting after a long long while. You can see my older paintings from years ago over here.

My practice for expressions and the funnies. Made for fun, mostly. :D
She's a mascot for a notorious website, and here's her info entry at that site.

There's other fanart I drew prior to this batch, particularly for the all-time awesome How to Train Your Dragon film, but I don't like flooding this entry with every single tiny detail. If you're interested, have a look at my gallery here!

I've been in a high art drive like never before. Expect me to be more active than usual! (though my main hub for now is still at deviantART).

Until next time, my friends! :D