Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stash of Two Brushperiments

For this round I have made two pieces of "brushperiments":

Once in a while, a rare subspace that allows Worldlinkers who normally can't visit each other opens up for entry. Visiting this place here are the prominent trio in my Worldlinkers project, from left to right: Esvee,Burghan and Ron A. Vay.

Esvee, mischievious and devilish. The world is her sandbox to play and explore in.

Burghan, watchful and solemn. An otherworldly king and researcher in his own merit, he is interested in solely being the observer.

Ron A. Vay, creepy and
cloud cuckoo landish. Babbles about all kinds of weird stuff, and highly mysterious.

Discus Minah is an old random character I've just given a new name to, I haven't developed her background and stuff yet. She is, though, all about discs and discs!

Experimenting with Photoshop brushes... yup, good ol' Potatochop. It's pretty cool what it can be done if you tweak the settings to beyond the beyond.