Sunday, December 05, 2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I'm Back to Painting!

Despite for not updating the blog for some months now, I've actually been pretty alive and kicking. Mostly over at my deviantART account~

So what happened to yours truly after the previous update about Faery Jam? I got in new freelance works and flash game projects, and with my free time I worked hard at improving the overall quality of my art. To let the pictures speak from themselves, I'll post them from the order of latest creation to the older ones:

My personal milestone for painting and rendering solid objects. I've always wanted to at least achieve something akin to some of those better Japanese artists over at, and so yeah. :D

I made this for a simple community contest over at deviantART. This was a return to painting after a long long while. You can see my older paintings from years ago over here.

My practice for expressions and the funnies. Made for fun, mostly. :D
She's a mascot for a notorious website, and here's her info entry at that site.

There's other fanart I drew prior to this batch, particularly for the all-time awesome How to Train Your Dragon film, but I don't like flooding this entry with every single tiny detail. If you're interested, have a look at my gallery here!

I've been in a high art drive like never before. Expect me to be more active than usual! (though my main hub for now is still at deviantART).

Until next time, my friends! :D

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Faery Jam is back!

You may remember this little guy little more than a year ago, name's Wilkob. Here is a bigger picture of the cast (literally)! I plan to develop this once-dormant project of mine named Faery Jam, into a more full-fledged story. Perhaps I might go for comics as a start~

Anyway, as you can see in this piece, Faery Jam characters come in different shapes and sizes. Also colour-coded for your convenience, though I made some minor tweaks in this field. The two in the front are the hero and heroine, Wilkob and Mary Cathy respectively. The rest are actually faeries, though it's not obvious due to my story (except Tom Thumb there, he's brimming with faery dust of obviousness). While I could go on more about them, I'll keep other details for other upcoming FJ artwork.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Simpler Times

Lately I've been thinking about the whole branding your art style for the audience issue. I've always been fascinated with the less popular Franco-Belgian range of styles, and I've started looking into them around April '08...

All artists, to the more non-artist audience, are usually seen as "the person with that particular style". Of course, as us artists know, the skilled folks can do styles other than their most well-known one. I always prefer to talk to artists not just about their style, but about their range of styles. I never felt it's healthy for an artist to do nothing but their personal favourite. It's equivalent to eating a single type of food for years! Balanced meal, I say.

I have been experimenting in terms of visual styles and finishing, trying to broaden my range. At one point, I have come to a conclusion that it's better for an artist to do a single style out of their big range. No giving up on practising still life, figure drawings and the other ranges of styles, but make sure a consistency is kept.

So eventually I found that I took a liking to a simpler style.

Here's a new fan art I've made of the JRPG series "Persona" by Atlus, featuring the protagonists of four different games and the embodiment of their powers, the Personae. Pretty simple, eh? Nevertheless, I do my best to tweak brush settings in Photoshop to achieve the look I wanted.

I'd also like you to meet... Little Meeky.

Not exactly the complicated, nor too simple. But hey, it's all fun altogether! 8D

More artwork and thoughts to come!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stash of Two Brushperiments

For this round I have made two pieces of "brushperiments":

Once in a while, a rare subspace that allows Worldlinkers who normally can't visit each other opens up for entry. Visiting this place here are the prominent trio in my Worldlinkers project, from left to right: Esvee,Burghan and Ron A. Vay.

Esvee, mischievious and devilish. The world is her sandbox to play and explore in.

Burghan, watchful and solemn. An otherworldly king and researcher in his own merit, he is interested in solely being the observer.

Ron A. Vay, creepy and
cloud cuckoo landish. Babbles about all kinds of weird stuff, and highly mysterious.

Discus Minah is an old random character I've just given a new name to, I haven't developed her background and stuff yet. She is, though, all about discs and discs!

Experimenting with Photoshop brushes... yup, good ol' Potatochop. It's pretty cool what it can be done if you tweak the settings to beyond the beyond.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emperor Serious Cat



Yeap, it's you-know-who. Complete with his epic Warhammer Emperor armour set! 8D

After experimenting, I decided this look fits the characters better. Maybe I should redraw the other three...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FluffaNutta has come!

You see the bread above? That's the mark of the grand opening of FluffaNutta Studios! :D

Currently we have our page on deviantART, and there you will find out more information about the team, which consists of me and Cottonwings.

Please tell your friends and pets about our new arrival on the art community as a young lil' team. Are you on deviantART as well? Then come on and give us some comments and watches! We appreciate it~

Thanks and have a great day! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catnarok - Lightside 1

Here are some character artwork I'm creating for an upcoming game. Can you tell who these characters are?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September Pirates

I should have posted this earlier; days ago, I celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with this piece! Just a little illustration experiment I'm trying out here, as you can see it's quite different from the things I usually do.

Alrighty, time for more stuff.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Handtler Girl

I've got a gift for lovely cottonwings and here it is!

It was months... no, almost a year since I painted a proper digital illustration. I needed to get back on track and polish up, so I searched her gallery for inspiration...

...and I chose THIS!

Of course, this character belongs to her~