Sunday, January 03, 2010

Faery Jam is back!

You may remember this little guy little more than a year ago, name's Wilkob. Here is a bigger picture of the cast (literally)! I plan to develop this once-dormant project of mine named Faery Jam, into a more full-fledged story. Perhaps I might go for comics as a start~

Anyway, as you can see in this piece, Faery Jam characters come in different shapes and sizes. Also colour-coded for your convenience, though I made some minor tweaks in this field. The two in the front are the hero and heroine, Wilkob and Mary Cathy respectively. The rest are actually faeries, though it's not obvious due to my story (except Tom Thumb there, he's brimming with faery dust of obviousness). While I could go on more about them, I'll keep other details for other upcoming FJ artwork.


Macy Phoo said...

wise concept here mah boi~! ;) You rendered each of the FJ characters perfectly! I'll give a thumbs up!!

Bernoully said...

Thanks mah dear ;D

Irisu said...

I love this series of yours!

Before meeting BerBer IRL, I always thought he would look like Wilkob, loool X'D

Bernoully said...

Lol, I'd look funny as a guy with Wilkob's bobcut. I wonder who can cosplay him though~

Thanks Irishu! 8D