Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TCD Series, Character #2

"Absinthe, that famous green alcoholic beverage. Green will be a definite element."

With tulip and assembly, there was this imagery of a florally themed girl and a small group of sla.. I mean, helpers.

I looked into manufactured liquids, and figured it would best be a fantasy pharmacist. Looking further, I came across the word apothecary: a historical name for a medical practitioner who formulates and dispenses medical products. While absinthe is not exactly not made by medical people, I figured it would be a different thing if I were to give this to her.

With lots of bottles, there's bound to be carriers, small ones at that. And no doubt they would go butterfingers on precious liquids, resulting in an easily annoyed master. Anisa would openly expressed her discontent and frustration on the little green dudes.

The rest explains for themselves. Curves were something I wanted to play around with... as they work well with girls. Playing around with cartoony looks...

And here she is, Anisa Flamehart. :)